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We want 2015 to be the year of adventures ! We want to explore more, to meet new people, new customs, to see different places and to try new things! We love to hear love stories, how romance is still alive, to capture beautiful moments from your family, and why not, to photograph your wedding. Those memories will last over, and over the years.

We will go to Northern Ireland in search of the leprechaun that has the lucky clover, after that will do a tour in the beautiful London, and then will fly to see where gladiators fought, in Rome.
Book a session and be ready to tell us your story and to show your favorite place. We love to travel, so if your city/country it’s not on our list, tell us because we’re in for traveling anywhere.

Adelina & Teodor 😀

Update // 10.04.2015
Upcoming destinations: London, Rome, Venice, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Ireland.
Soon will update the list with dates too.

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