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Adelina & Teodor
  • Adelina & Teodor

  • Hi! We are destination wedding photographer, Teodor & Adelina, husband and wife. Our passion for photography brought us together in 2011 and since then we have embraced life hand in hand - a madly in love duo, photographing the madly in love.

    Traveling all over the world, new experiences, and human connections are some of our biggest inspirations.
    Lovers of the great outdoors, when we’re not traveling or shooting, you will find us adventuring in the middle of the forest, exploring the nearby mountains, or getting lost in colourful landscapes. Besides that, we love cooking recipes from other cultures.


  • Documenting destination weddings and elopements of creative and adventurous off-beat couples who are fearlessly in love with life and each other is our thing.
    There is something special about capturing the magic between two people and being the ones to deliver them their own love as a form of art.

    We believe in authenticity, in having fun, and being true to who we are. We want you and your better half to be running in the sand, or in the mountains, in a flowy dress and suit, twirling around and picking each other up, or simply dancing on the side of a cliff without care about the light rain or heavy winds.
    We believe in those moments when your heart beats faster, those extra hard squeezes, and your love captured joyfully and honestly.
    It's about you and your story. It's about the adventure that we're about to embark on.


  • We are from Romania, and we live in a city very close to Bucharest.
    And yes, we would love to travel to your wedding. We will happily cross oceans to photograph your special day!