Tips for photographers with a slow season aheadA guide for grooms & photographers

Because lately we are often asked how we handle the situation we are going through these days and probably in the days to come, we thought to share with you some solutions that we implemented two weeks ago, when we understood what was to come.
First of all we think that even if everything is blocked at this moment, our life and our business should not remain blocked.
More than ever it’s time to support one another… time to share kindness, love, patience, wisdom… more than ever!

For photographers: We know that for most of us, this situation leaves us uncovered, because a lot of us depend on consistent customers in order to pay our bills each month. But instead of losing our temper let’s use this time to our advantage to accomplish things that during the season we can’t do because of the full calendar or the fast lives we live: invest in us, in our education and in our business.

So, this is the list that we hope to help you respond to this slow season:

Organize your free time
Update your website portfolio
Show your grooms who you are, the human behind the camera
Create a guide to talk about your work and what helps you achieve amazing results with your grooms
Update your pricing guide
Help couples with tips and ideas
Work on a personal project, to help you find even more inspiration
Reorganize your computer and desk
Improve your skills by taking online courses
Set goals
Chat with your grooms
Spend valuable time with loved ones
Feel what you need to feel, but then let it go! Don’t let it consume you!
Be optimistic and let your creativity speak its word
• Read that book you always wanted to read, but you didn’t have enough time
Enjoy the little things and do more of what you love and leave nothing to take away this joy!

This situation will pass, so it is best to build as much as we can now, in order to collect the results later.

For grooms: We know it’s a difficult situation and that you will have many thoughts regarding your wedding, but please try to remain calm and optimistic. If you are sure that your event will no longer be held because of the current situation, there are solutions! And the best one is to reschedule your event either for autumn or for 2021. Talk to all the vendors involved in organizing your wedding and try to find a date together, so you can reorient. This whole situation represent a break: you can look for inspiration and better set some things that you maybe, have not had enough time to put in order. Try to consider this time as an opportunity to have a better look at all the details related to your event. After we overcome this situation, together we will have fun at your wedding and embrace everything with more appreciation and gratitude!

If you have any questions, please let us know and let’s support each other!

Stay safe Stay calm Keep your hope Stay inspired



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