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So.. it all started two years ago, when I wanted to surprise my wifey for her birthday. It was her 30th anniversary, so I wanted to do something special this time! And like this.. at the beginning of January 2017, I started to search for tickets to Edinburgh, Scotland. It didn’t took me much to find a good deal and time flew so fast that April came over us!
She was so surprised to see what I was up to.. and how I could keep it all a secret!
We landed in Glasgow, because there is no direct flight from Bucharest to Edinburgh and after we got outside of the airport.. we felt like something magical was in the air! <3 We didn’t wanted to waste time, so we took the first coach to Edinburgh. After one hour or so, we was in Edinburgh.. maybe the most amazing city we have ever visited! Everything was so beautiful, the air, the people, the streets.. and all those buildings with black bricks! We was like.. we could move here and become wedding photographer in Scotland, Edinburgh! <3
That’s enough with telling the story of 2017, we don’t want to get boring.. we just wanted to make a short intro, of how we got in love with Edinburgh and everything you can think of when you say Scotland! But because we only had 4 days in 2017, we made the plan that in 2018 we will come back for a 10 days trip and visit the Highlands and Isle of Skye! 2017 flew so fast, because the wedding season was filled with destination weddings, elopements and other projects.

So April 2018 came and this tour started from London and our first stop was Loch Lomond. We had an amazing room, at Rowardennan Hotel with a great view at the lake! Oh.. and we shall not forget to mention the old guy from the restaurant, what a chap! He knew how to make our stay the best!
Next day in the morning, we headed to village of Luss, where we made a few pictures around and had a good, warm coffee at the local store. Inveraray Castle was our next stop, but we was out of luck, because the castle was closed, due to some filming.. but at least we got to visit the gardens, make some pictures with the castle from outside, which was pretty awesome!
We left and the rain started, but that didn’t stopped us to visit Kilchurn Castle, were we was lucky enough to see the two highland cows! What an adorable animal! 
We didn’t believe when friends told us that you can see the four seasons in one day, but we did! It all started with rain, then a few snow flakes and in the end, the sun gave us a beautiful sunset!

Maybe one of the most disered places where we wanted to stop, was the Glen Coe Valley. This place is very popular and well known for the massacre from February 13th 1962, where the MacDonald clan fought with the Campbell’s. Maybe one of the most important battles in Scottish history. You don’t need to stare too much, to feel the agony and pain from these times long gone.
Oban, the city with colorful houses was the next pin on our map. Very nice and cozy city, where you can have a great dinner at the restaurants in the harbor. Oh.. and let’s not forget, a must is to watch the ferries disappear towards the sunset! Great chance for making a few more pictures! <3
Because both of us are fans of Harry Potter, we just had to visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct view point (Harry Potter Bridge), from where you can see the Jacobite. We didn’t had the chance to see the train.. but at least the weather was nice and sunny and we had a blast seeing the surroundings from there. Ohh and before coming here, we went to see Stalker Castle, were a few little sheep greeted us with their big smile! Really.. We could swear that sheep was smiling to us! Just beautiful!

Next stop.. Isle of Skye, yuhuu hu!
Portree (largest town on Isle of Skye), the Quiraing, Neist Point.. all these names have to be on your bucket list if you want to visit these lands!
Now.. we are wedding photographers, so the next stop is Old Man of Storr, a place where we would “kill” to have an elopement! No words we can find in the dictionary can describe the beauty from here! Speechless.. no, it’s even better! The panorama from up there is the best, it really represents the highlands!
Of course we couldn’t leave back home without stopping again in Edinburgh! Because we really need to end this blog post.. We want to say that Scotland is a country that has so many things to offer, has so many places that will make you not want to come back home, people that are so nice and warm, sceneries that you can’t find nowhere else on this planet.. and so many more! Whenever we think about Isle of Skye, the Highlands and Edinburgh.. our hearth starts to beat faster.. our soul is already there and our imagination knows that we are in love with those lands!

Good bye and see you on our next trip! 




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