Gabriela & ChrisProposal in Northern Ireland

// Proposal in Northern Ireland // This was our first proposal session where we had to stay hidden like hunters in the bushes. Chris really wanted to propose Gabriela in a place where they go almost every day – White Rocks beach. To get her on the beach without any suspicions, he told her they will make a barbeque with some friends….It wasn’t any barbeque, instead it was a big surprise!
Enjoy those beautiful destination photos 😀
Proposal G+C_00 Proposal G+C_01 Proposal G+C_04 Proposal G+C_05 Proposal G+C_05a Proposal G+C_06 Proposal G+C_08 Proposal G+C_09 Proposal G+C_10 Proposal G+C_11 Proposal G+C_12 Proposal G+C_13 Proposal G+C_14 Proposal G+C_15 Proposal G+C_16 Proposal G+C_17
This was the moment when Chris told Gabriela that we are there:

Proposal G+C_18 Proposal G+C_19 Proposal G+C_20 Proposal G+C_21 Proposal G+C_22 Proposal G+C_23 Proposal G+C_24 Proposal G+C_25 Proposal G+C_26 Proposal G+C_27 Proposal G+C_28

And this was our way of hunting their proposal 😀

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