Ana & the cutest baby goatEaster inspirational shoot

We are very happy that spring is finally here!
We love so much to see when everything comes to life, after a long and cold winter, and we are amazed by this miracle of nature!
With spring being already here, and Easter knocking on the door, we realised a theme photo session.
The amazing team from Boutique cu Flori made for us two beautiful floral crowns, one for Ana, our wonderful model, and another one for the cutest baby goat ever!
We are very pleased with how it came out, so.. enjoy! 😀

Ana_Easter_02 Ana_Easter_089 Ana_Easter_009 Ana_Easter_03 Ana_Easter_07 Ana_Easter_08 Ana_Easter_09 Ana_Easter_10 Ana_Easter_11 Ana_Easter_12 Ana_Easter_13 Ana_Easter_14 Ana_Easter_15 Ana_Easter_17 Ana_Easter_18 Ana_Easter_19 Ana_Easter_20 Ana_Easter_21 Ana_Easter_22 Ana_Easter_23 Ana_Easter_24 Ana_Easter_28 Ana_Easter_29 Ana_Easter_32 Ana_Easter_33 Ana_Easter_36 Ana_Easter_37 Ana_Easter_38 IMG_4235

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