Adelina & AndreiEngagement Session

When the first days of spring brought with them shiny sun rays and blooming branches, we planned a photo session with Adelina and Andrei, two wonderful people, madly in love with each other!
She is a fabulous hair stylist 😀 (so.. future brides, keep her in mind), and he is a rad graphic designer, both of them being very talented and dedicated to their job!
At the beginning of the photo shoot, Adelina was feeling very nervous and worried because they don’t know how to pose.. but we explained them that they don’t have to do anything in particular, just to be themselves, because we love natural posing!
After that, they became relaxed, and like this, the photo shoot turned out to be one of the greatest and most natural one, so all we had to do, was to photograph their beautiful love story, full of tender touches and big smiles! 🙂
Oh, and the moment when we used the smoke bombs made all of us feel like we were kids again!
Thank you guys for this amazing day, and for the quality time spent together!

Adelina&Andrei_01 Adelina&Andrei_02 Adelina&Andrei_03 Adelina&Andrei_04 Adelina&Andrei_05 Adelina&Andrei_07 Adelina&Andrei_08 Adelina&Andrei_09 Adelina&Andrei_11 Adelina&Andrei_12 Adelina&Andrei_14 Adelina&Andrei_15 Adelina&Andrei_16 Adelina&Andrei_18 Adelina&Andrei_19 Adelina&Andrei_20 Adelina&Andrei_22 Adelina&Andrei_24 Adelina&Andrei_26 Adelina&Andrei_30 Adelina&Andrei_31 Adelina&Andrei_32 Adelina&Andrei_33 Adelina&Andrei_34 Adelina&Andrei_35 Adelina&Andrei_37 Adelina&Andrei_38 Adelina&Andrei_39 Adelina&Andrei_40 Adelina&Andrei_41 Adelina&Andrei_44 Adelina&Andrei_45 Adelina&Andrei_51 Adelina&Andrei_54 Adelina&Andrei_55 Adelina&Andrei_56 Adelina&Andrei_57 Adelina&Andrei_58 Adelina&Andrei_59 Adelina&Andrei_60 Adelina&Andrei_61 Adelina&Andrei_62 Adelina&Andrei_63 Adelina&Andrei_64 Adelina&Andrei_65 Adelina&Andrei_66 Adelina&Andrei_67

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